I believe great design should be available and affordable for everyone. I would love to create that perfect design for your most cherished moments and milestones.

From what I have seen, personalized stationery is not very big in Dubai. I would love for that to change and for personalized stationery to be present in every home. I think it is a wonderful way to make an individual statement and to show your style and flair. Its great to send a note of thanks for those small things friends and family do, to touch base with an old friend, to say Thank you for occasions that you attend and stationery sets would be lovely to give as gifts too!

If personalized stationery is something that is new to you, it’s safe to start with something basic. You can never go wrong with a classic card as it’s perfect for every occasion. On the other hand, if you have always had a love for personalized stationery, you may want a bunch of different styles and a variety of designs for different uses. You may want a set that's bright, another that is classic and maybe a third that is sophisticated. This way you can send your stationery out depending on the occasion.

If you have children, it’s nice to have a stationery set for each person in your house, as well as one for the whole family and lastly a special set from just you and your husband. 

Below are stationery sets I have designed for families and for children. Get in touch with me if you're looking to get a stationery set for yourself or for someone special. I can send you a catalogue with pre-designed motifs and emblems I've created OR I could design something for you from scratch.

1. The D'souza stationery set: Traditional, classic and ornate. 

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